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Auckland to Wellington by The Overlander

A 12 hour trip on a train may not seem a great idea, but believe me its nothing like being stuck on a plane. The journey is very sociable with a snack and booze bar, panoramic views and short stopovers to stretch the legs. A lot of the surrounding scenery can only be seem from the train, plus 7 gorge crossings and the Raurimu Spiral up to national park.

Really Recommend - This trip is for every one not just train spotters

The train came within 3 days of being closed down in 2006, but do to overwhelming support was reprieved and is now a successful venture.

Take your own picnic with you and sneak on a bottle of wine.

It has been called one of the best-value scenic rail trips in the world by the British Guardian. It is also acknowledged as one of the worlds classic scenic rail journeys.

There is a train from Wellington to Auckland as well

The Overlander Website

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