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Diving in New Zealand

There are plenty of Dive sites in NZ, get a copy of Top New Zealand Dive Sites by Darryl Torckler and Gillian Torckler. The vast majority of visitors and home divers are full of praise for the quality of life and waters around NZ although we are not entirely convinced. This in part is because we did most of our diving in the Red Sea and the tropics prior to emigrating to New Zealand. I am sure most Kiwis would argue this point. The sea temp reaches a max of 23 degrees on the surface in Northland in the summer, so a thick wetsuit is required. The local dive club meets at the Cock and Bull in Botany, first Monday of the Month. All are welcome.

A few BBS Members


For all year diving a drysuit is required and all the time for South Island.

Technical Diving in New Zealand


There are very few qualified rebreather divers in NZ, under 20 I believe. One of the few places catering for rebreathers is Global Dive in Auckland

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