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Bucklands Beach Rum Race

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Friday afternoon is sailing and the Rum Race from Half Moon Bay. The course (as you can see from the map) seen starts in the river by the Marina, past a marker and

over to the volcanic island of Rangitoto (depending on the course and wind), then round Motutapu marker, past Browns Island and back down the river to the finish - roughly covering 13 miles.

Normally racing is not allowed in the river due to the traffic, ferries etc. but because the Rum Race has such a history, exception is granted by the Habour Master. The river is tidal, so this adds a further challenge at very low tides. One race in April saw 4 yachts run aground. The method used to unstick the keel is to shim out on the boom - see photo.


The racing is not too serious and the amount of beer drunk on some boats would put them in serious training for a darts championship. The rattle of empty beer bottles is evident at the finish line. We, however, on Lionmark, are much more restrained, only drinking one small bottle each on a run. We do compensate afterwards, though.

Rum Race History

(from http:/ Rumour has it, that many rums ago a couple of our more colourful yachties decidedafter a few too many rums one night to settle once and for all whose yacht was the fastest. The plan was simple they would race for a 40 oz bottle of rum. Starting at the old yacht club race control tower at Grangers Point on the following Friday afternoon at 2.30 p.m. race to Illomana light and back to the finish line at the race control tower. First yacht home would be deemed the winner collect the rum and have full gloating rights over the other. Well that's the rumour any way.

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