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Lake Karapiro, World Rowing Championship (Oct 30 2010)

Cambrige Town centre

Lake Karapiro is just outside Cambridge, in central North Island. This October/November, it is the venue for the World rowing championships 2010. What better excuse to get out the MG. We set off at about 10 am (hood down of course even though the sun was still hidden in Auckland - Art insists!). A two hours drive later we were approaching Cambridge, and following the signs to the Park and Ride for the championship. Then the signs just disappeared! As we were now completely lost, we programmed 'Karapiro' into the GPS and followed its instructions. Ony one problem - the village of Karapiro is the wrong side of the hydroelectric dam across the river. We could see the venue, but knew that there was no parking there. What to do? There's a very nice cafe restaurant (The Power House Cafe) in the village so we decided to consider our options over a coffee. 'Why not leave the car here and walk across the dam?' says the waitress. 'Leave the car here'. Good idea! So no mixing with hoi palloi on the bus for us, just a gentle walk in the sun.

The Russians have arrived

We'd booked tickets for the grandstand, only to discover that we could have bought them (cheaper) on the day. We were not amused - but never mind. There were a number of opening acts, Most of which we couldn't see properly because of the angle of the grandstand to the stage. They were fantastic seats to see the races - but of course on day 1 there were none!

The welcoming speech by a local Maori dignitary went on for ages, all in Maori of course. And again it was all 'down below', where most of the people in the grandstands couldn't see anything! Fortunately there were large TV screens around - but we needn't have been in the grandstand to see them!

The Welcoming Committee


First race of the day

We discovered fairly early on where the bar was. This was right on the riverbank, next to a little stage. This turned out to be one of the best decisions of the day! The NZ band 'Op Shop' were playing - and we had ringside seats. This must surely be the bargain concert of the year - $20 entry fee to the venue and you get ringside seats at an hours long concert from one of the most (current) popular bands in NZ!

Op shop
The Venue

This photo is the view back to the venue from the car park

A great day out and a fast journey back to Auckland across country

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