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MG Cars 80th Birthday Party at an Ungodly Hour

Autobahn at 5:30

Its 4:00 in the morning and the alarm is sounding, ushering us forth for the 5:30 meet at the Autobahn cafe at Papakura. Why? because MG UK has had the idea to celebrate the 80th birthday of MG cars, and that clubs throughout the world will herald in the day with a sunrise party. (the sun did not play ball and did not come out 'til after 11:00). We in NZ are obviously the first although the Welly lot have beaten us by travelling up to Hawkes bay. ( Getting above the clouds is one way of seeing the sun).

Wellington Photo

Members chose various routes to get to the Waharau Regional Park just north of Kaiaua on the Seabird coast. We met at Autobahn at 5:30 and then had a fast run over to Kaiaua (hood down of course) to arrive 15mins before sunrise???

Waharau Regional Park

The head count of party goers was around 70 with approx 40 cars. We all chipped in to make ready for a bubbly breakfast

Not a hood to be seen

Early morning party goers care of Auckland MG car club

The MG lineup

Now to Rotorua

We left the party at about 9:30 and travelled down to Rotorua, or more exactly Okere Falls near Lake Roto Iti to collect our backyard beehive. Of course I did not bother measuring the boot of the MG and the hive didn't fit, so we will have freight it to Auckland.

Lake Roto Iti

Backyard beehives will be another wiki. SEE

Rotorua to Ongarue

With the satnav programmed we set off for Ongarue, but had plenty of time. So fish and chips at Whakamaru store then back to the lake side to eat them and have a kip

Our journey had taken us nowhere large enough for a supermarket, so Bennydale Hotel for some wine. The choice was between two types of sweet bubbly or château cardboard or beer, so beer it was. Bennydale is a tad quiet and not much else

Bennydale on a Sat. afternoon

On to Onagrue for dinner with Wayne and Jocelyn and bed. Terri got up reasonably early to help with moving stock on the farm, I stayed in bed.

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