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Why we now live in New Zealand

Its all to do with our airline giving us a later flight!

In 2004 whilst getting married to Terri in Cairns Australia I had promised her young cousins that we would visit New Zealand for a holiday. Nine months on in Feb. 2005 we arrived at Auckland airport, for a whirlwind tour of North and South Islands that would make a Japanese tourist wince. In 2 weeks we sped round the Otago region of South Island, dived at the Poor Knights in Northland met Terri's relatives.

A little background to our lives in the UK, we both had well paid jobs, Terri tolerated hers, but I enjoyed mine, working in Kensington London, we did all the usual things, theatre, ballet, meals out etc. The only thing I really did not like was when the clocks went back in October and I was travelling into and out of London in the dark on my big Beemer.

To return to NZ, it was Sunday Morning and we had packed ready to go to the airport, another of Terri's cousins was going to drop us off. We then got a phone call from the airline asking if we prefer to take a later flight and reduce the stop over time. “Of course” so we had a few extra hours to kill. We were duly taken to St Helliers (Near Mission Bay) for brunch. It was a glorious day sitting on the veranda looking out over the sea to Rangitoto, locals were walking, jogging, cycling by, obviously a place for the “beautiful people” to pose. At this point my mindset about NZ changed, yes it was a beautiful place, but you can get scenery over load and we had always been staying in quiet little towns, suddenly I spotted life, a real city, NZ is not full of country folk, but real people.

I said nothing about my change of mind, up to this point I had joked, possibly too much, about NZ being in the sticks away from the real world, it didn't matter really we were soon on our way home looking forward to February in London.

Terri had wanted to emigrate to NZ since she was 16, but life got in her way and by the time she tried again in her early thirties, she did not have enough points to get in. Terri had or has a job in IT that was on the wanted list, but because she did not have a degree, her points tally was short. Terri spent the next 8 years doing an Open University degree, 1996 to 2004.

Its now April 2005 and I hear “I would still like to emigrate to NZ”, unbelievably, I said OK. By a quirk of the system we had been approved within 3 weeks and just had to prove that all we had stated on the on-line forms was correct and get medicals done etc.

It is strange the way life works out, I mentioned before I really liked my job, but in May my boss retired and I got lumbered with all his work and the problem projects he left me, so work life went down hill fast. September 2005 and I have had enough, so after waking Terri up at 3:00a.m. with the question “can we survive on your salary”, I went into the Cromwell Hospital at 7:00, wrote an email to my new boss, called security, handed over my credit card, ID, master keys, said goodbye to my own staff and left at 8:30.

Knowing that we were emigrating to New Zealand made leaving work much easier, whether I would have done so without the tickets, I am not sure.

October 31 2006 we arrive in Auckland, our house sold in the UK, our furniture in a container somewhere at sea and a brand new life.

Would we go back to the UK to live, only at the point of a gun?

Art Cattell

If you want to find a really useful forum for people wanting to emigrate to New Zealand that discusses the positive and negative side of things, go to Expat Forum

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