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Some useful New Zealand websites

For finding your way around Auckland and New Zealand, with route directions, try or see:New Zealand Wises Map

This site gives the exchange rate for the New Zealand dollar against the UK pound or see: Money and Banks and House Prices and Mortgages and Rents

This website shows the weather in Auckland and NZ for the next 5 days. I must say it seems to be pessimistic, often showing clouds and rain when most of the day is sunny or see: Auckland Climate or The Weather in Auckland


The New Zealand Herald is the main paper in Auckland, and gives good coverage of NZ and the world:

Wellington - Look for the Dominion Post ( - peculiar domain name!)

Christchurch - it's The Press ( - obviously owned by the same people!)


Interested in finding out about jobs in New Zealand? Most companies and agencies advertise on

Or try Trademe -

See: New Zealand Professional Bodies

Houses (Real Estate)

Want to see what houses cost in NZ?


Or have we mentioned Trademe?

If you want to see what insurance would cost you try Lantern Insurance ( or State ( - both have an on-line quote and sale function.


Most people from the UK are surprised by how affordable cars are here. See trademe to see what-s going (have I mentioned Trademe before??) See also: Driving in NZ (Including Fuel prices)

But what really surprises them is the cost of insurance - especially for teenagers. Kids can drive here at 16, and insurance (not even third party) is compulsory (although highly recommended). We insured my 18 year old's car (2.5 litre Mitsubishi Legnum Stationwagon bought for $3000 NZD) fully comprehensive for under $1000 NZD - that's about £500.

See Lantern Insurance ( or State ( an on-line insurance quote.

TV Guide

This is the TV guide for Auckland. The TV is pretty dire so the recommendation is to get a life. Radio in Auckland is pretty good though.

The local college with an English curriculum

Bucklands Beach Yacht club

Bucklands Beach Tennis

If you fancy joining the local theatre try Do not need to be an actor, scenery building, bar, front of house, social activities. You will be made welcome.

Local dive group Botany Bottom Scatchers who meet regularly at the Cock and Bull, the English style pub

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