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New Zealand Wine

(work in progress)

First point, this is not the result of any scientific study, but I have found one can drink a substantial amount of New Zealand white wine without getting a hangover

Shopping in NZ supermarkets does not give you the choice of many wine countries, usually Aussie reds, South African (cheaper ones), sometimes a bit from Chile and of course home wines. So for new immigrants especially from the UK this is a severe disapointment, where one has the world (literally) of choice, but one adapts. We have settled mainly on only drinking NZ wines, not out of patrotism, just we have discovered what we like and what are the best.

See:MG Car Club Run out to John Hill wine Estate Hunua

My favourite wine is Gewürztraminer, Terri's is Pinot Gris, mind you I do like Merlot and Syrah

NZ Wine Map

New Zealand wine map (Wikipedia)

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