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Food in New Zealand (Including Basic Food Costs)

A subject very close to my heart!

Food is not cheap in New Zealand. We've found that although salaries are around two thirds comparable UK ones, food works out about the same as the UK. This is probably because there is 15% GST (Goods Service Tax - the equivalent of VAT) on food.

I really miss Marks & Spencer & Tesco's too. The prepared food over here just does not compare in quality. If you have a party, then there's no going to the supermarket and finding a wide range of finger food on the shelf - you'll be lucky if there's an edible quiche! And as for a choice of quiche - forget it!

What this does mean is you have to learn to cook. And what's wrong with that, I hear you say! Nothing! But I do miss being able to throw a tasty something-or-other in the microwave at the end of my ferry journey…..

Other Foods I Miss

  • Corned Beef - they have something called the same thing here, but it's not the same as the stuff you get on the deli counter in the UK. It's more like a pickled beef silverside.
  • Taramosalata - Wierd, this one. You get ten types of Hummus, Tzatsiki, pepper & tomato dips - but you cannot get my favourite! Considering you get a lot of fish in NZ…..
  • Pork pies - Melton Mowbray. Yum!

Typical NZ Food

Try some of these

  • Kumera - a type of sweet potato. Great roasted like potatoes, and you get Kumera chips in some places. Great with sour cream.
  • Buttercup - this is a type of pumpkin/squash. It's medium sized (for a pumpkin) with dark green skin and orange flesh. Lovely roasted again - lovely and creamy. One of my favourites.
  • Boysenberries - a bit like a loganberry. You don't get Raspberry Ripple ice cream over here - it's Boysenberry.
  • Pavlova - a soft meringue base piled with cream and fruit. It's very Kiwi, and don't believe an Australian if they say it's theirs!
  • Fish - comes with being surrounded my water, I guess! But they're different to the UK fish. We get Snapper, Tarahiki, Trevalli, Blue Cod, John Dory (ugly and yum!).
  • Shellfish - There are many places here for oysters - most famous being Bluff (far South) and the closest being just down the coast at Clevedon. Many NZ people (and in particular the Maori and asian immigrants) hunt and fish too - crayfish are lobsters without claws, paua are abalone. There are cockles and 'pipi'. Fortunately there are very strict rules about catch sizes.

Countdown Online Shop

To check a few prices, first click on browse aisles, or search for an item, all food has 15% GST

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