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A number of times in this wiki you may see the term 'bach'. But what do we mean?

A 'bach' is a typical New Zealand holiday home. Many New Zealanders have one, sometimes passed down from generation to generation.

The word 'Bach' itself is actually short for 'Batchelor Pad'. A typical bach is usually near a beach, has a cheap construction or is old, has very basic amenities, and is furnished with the family's cast-offs.

It's fair to say that not all 'bach's' are so basic now. Often the land they are on is prime real estate, as they often have sea views. So selling the family 'bach' can make a nice profit, and the new owners usually dismantle the original house and put up a new one. When we first arrived in the country we were offered the use of a bach in Pauanui, on the Coromandel Peninsula. Well! So much for a tatty little hut! This was a brand new three bedroomed house on an estate that looked like it was straight out of one of the posher areas of Auckland!

If you're a visitor or can't afford your own, you can rent someone else's Bach. There are a number of websites - my favourite is


So what's a 'crib'?

No, it's not something you put a baby in - it's the South Island name for a Bach!

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