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Day 17 – Lima

(Saturday September 7th)

We have a full day in Lima, to do what we like! Our fellow travellers were due to leave the hotel for their flight back t Europe at 3:00 pm, so we arranged to meet them in the bar at 2:00 pm for a final Pisco Sour.

Booking in to your LAN flight Online

You can book in online 48 hours in advance. As I was still coughing and spluttering, we decided it would be better for me and my fellow passengers if I could tuck myself into a corner seat, so we attempted to do so.

No such luck – it kept on letting me get so far, then throwing me out. After trying a great number of times, I gave up.

The LAN Miraflores Offices

The on-line booking had taken me far enough in to let me see that there were very few suitable seats left, so we decided to find the LAN office in Miraflores and book in manually. It was an easy 20 minutes’ walk away. When we arrived and told the girl on reception what we needed to do (because their website was failing) she sent us next door – to a room with 8 computer terminals, and exactly the same failing website! Talk about frustrating! There was one girl on duty who was there to help everyone who came in – mostly older people who were unsure of using computers. She didn’t speak any English at all (well, let’s put it this way – my very bad Spanish was better than her English, which isn’t saying much! And the only thing she could do was phone up the on-line helpdesk! She set three phones onto speakaphone and left them running….. Half an hour later, one of them was answered. Well…. at least it wasn’t my phone bill!

At last, she spoke to a real person who could allocate seats to us from afar. Why the office next door couldn’t have done that for us, I’ll never understand….

The Amor Park on the clifftop

By now it was around 11:00 am, so we headed for the clifftop – and found a little park that was full of mosaic walls and seats. It was very reminiscent of Gaudi. In the middle of the park was a large moden statue of a couple of cartoon-like figures ‘spooning’ – i.e. having a bit of a smooch on what looked like a picnic rug.

It was also time for coffee. We walked along the cliff top and walked into our fellow travellers! A quick chat and comparison of notes, and we continued on to a small kiosk for a takeaway coffee.

Then a tad further, for lunch at the new shopping area.

Tip: for some obscure reason we decided to have a KFC. Bad Choice. As a connoisseur of KFC I can tell you that it’s one of the worse ones I’ve ever had.

And finally back to the hotel for a final Pisco Sour with the travellers, then an afternoon nap (for my health, you understand).

The Final Evening

I was feeling a tad better after my snooze, and Art was up for a shopping trip. So we hit the streets. He’d made his mind up he wanted a piece of bright Peruvian style cloth to drape across things. Most shops sold everything but!

Then we hit a small goldmine. A small shop on Larco, with a man who seemed very genteel serving. No pushy salesman here! And on top of that, when we were asking prices, he was giving what we considered were very good ones! We bought two high quality t-shirts for 30 sols each, and 3 brightly colours throws for 20 sols each. I think we could have bargained him down, but I personally was very happy with what we paid and wasn’t up to my normal bargaining prowess anyway.

Parque Kennedy

Then we continued walking to the Parque Kennedy (where Café La Paz is). On a Saturday night, all the locals are out. There was a large crowd of people in one area, with music coming out of it. We thought it might be street entertainment and headed towards it. Well it was entertainment of a sort – there was a sort of ‘mosh pit’, with amphitheatre-style seating, and everyone (young and old) were dancing in the middle of it, watched on by everyone seated round the edge.

A bit further on, there were artists selling their paintings. Some were very good! There were a number I’d have been tempted by if we could have taken them home, but all the ones I liked were huge! None were priced, either, so what’s the betting there was a ‘locals’ and ‘tourists’ price? I’d thought we were eating at Café La Paz again, but Art had a different idea. We walked back down Larco to the new shopping area on the clifftop, and ate at Tony Romas again. I must admit that it was nice to have decent ribs again…. Then back to the hotel to pack for the long journey home…..

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