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Day 15 – Paracas and the Nazca Lines

(Thursday September 5th)

Flight over the Nazca Lines

Now call me stupid, but I hadn’t cottoned on to the fact that Paracas was such a long way away from Nazca. I wondered how we were going to get to Nazca for our flight.

It turns out that we were flying over them on a flight out of Pisco, just down the road from Paracas. So the flight would be about 2 hours long. Actually – I wasn’t unhappy with this – regardless of the Nazca lines, a small aeroplane is a great way of seeing the countryside. But if you don’t like flying or are travel sick, it might be an issue.

Pisco airport is even smaller than Juliaca – but it looks like they’re doing a lot of building. To get to it, the bus drives down some very badly maintained side-roads. Even more peculiarly, once you have weighed (yes – they weigh each person – very embarrassing) and booked in, you get back on the bus and they drive you through the same side-roads to get to the plane.

: We weren’t warned that you couldn’t take a backpack on the plane. So ended up scrabbling for a small bag that we could put all our valuables and passports in so we could take them on. So go with as little as possible on you to carry. Also the temperature on the plane can vary, so take a couple of layers and dress up or down accordingly

The plane took about 12 passengers, and everyone got a window seat. The seat belt was substantial – designed to hold you in if the plane did any sharp manoevours.

It took about half an hour to fly overland to Nazca – and when you look down, it’s very clear that we’re making our own Nazca lines. They are there everywhere, in dead straight tarmac roads and dirt tracks that go as far as the eye can see. Then there are patchworks of fields with dead straight sides, filled with green, amongst the dryness of the desert. The journey there is fascinating and worth a few photographs.

Then the pilot starts shouting out that the Nazca lines are coming. He takes the plane over each of the important drawings by banking the plane steeply first one way, then the other, so that both sides get a good view of each.

Tip: Take a travel sickness pill before you go. Even people who don’t usually suffer have been known to fall foul of travel sickness on this flight When everything has been seen, the pilot turns the plane round and flies back.

So although I thought we’d actually get to see Nazca town (with all its tat souvenir shops), we didn’t. But with hindsight, I think Paracas is a better base – and it’s a lovely relaxing end to the holiday.

Our flight was around midday and so the sun was high, which creates little shadow. The lines would be more distinct at the beginning and end of the day

We arrived back mid-afternoon to another expensive sandwich, then had another siesta. In the evening we strolled to the Hilton next door, decided their food was more diverse but even more expensive, and ended with another expensive meal in our own hotel’s restaurant.

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