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Day 9 –Machu Picchu to Cuzco

(Friday August 30th) We were the only people at breakfast. There was a buffet laid out but no staff, no glasses for the juice and not much of anything else. I think we were the tail end and we got what was left. Not to worry – we weren’t that hungry anyway.

The group had all booked to spend the morning in Machu Picchu again. Juan had volunteered to take whoever wanted to go to the Sun Gate. This is a bit of a hike up-hill, so four of us backed out. And I’m very glad we did. Art and I had a lovely time strolling around in parts of the site that were slightly off the main route and finding photographic opportunities. We ran across the other two truants at various times, who were similarly enjoying the peace and quiet.

Which was interesting, because there were many more people at the site today – I’d say at least twice the number.

We made our way downhill to the far end of the site with the intention of cutting up to the Western sector then back to the exit. It is at this point I ran foul of the guard. Apparently we were going the wrong way round his one way system. But the way he wanted us to go was the way we’d just come down – and it was all uphill again! Plus it took us away from the western sector!!! I was not amused! Art calmed me down, told me I wouldn’t win (I still maintain that with a couple of left hooks he wouldn’t have stood a chance) and we retraced our steps.

Lunch at Indi Feliz

Juan certainly knows his restaurants. He took us to a French Peruvian restaurant that serves English beer. A set three course meal was 59 sols, and it was excellent! If you go to Machu Picchu I’d say it’s a must!

…And on to Cuzco

There’s really not much more to report for this day. We took the 3:45 pm Peru Rail Vistadome train back to Ollantambay. It wasn’t quite as posh as the one going up, but we did get

entertainment. The carriage staff put on a dance and a fashion show, with the intention of selling us expensive alpaca clothing. We didn’t buy any.

So it was dusk when we arrived in Ollantambay. We piled back onto our minibus and our driver took us directly to Cuzco and our hotel, arriving about 8:00 pm. A long day…..

Hotel Jose Antonio, Cuzco

This was the second hotel in the Jose Antonio chain that we’d stayed at, and although the first one wasn’t bad, this one was better. We had a bigger bed, and it was very comfortable.

One down side to it – it’s not in the centre – that’s about a 20 minute walk up a slight incline. But our tours were arranged so we couldn’t see that being a problem.

There are two small minimarkets right next door to the hotel which seem to take it in turns to open. We bought a bottle of Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon, a tube of Pringles and dined in style….

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