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3rd Day Here

Nov. 2006

Well we've been here three and a half days now - and boy! how we've filled them. I think we're trying to set some kind of record for getting things sorted.

We landed at 7:30 on Monday, and by 6:30 pm on Tuesday we'd bought a car and a house. However, as of this moment (4:30 pm on Thursday) and despite sitting in the Vodafone shop for hours yesterday and today we have failed abysmally to buy a mobile phone! This is mainly because we want a contract - and they don't seem so keen to give one to homeless, jobless immigrants. And the ironic thing is that my CV is being put forward to Telecom, their major competitor, for a job. Maybe they'll give me a contract if I flash the job specification at them!

Car purchase

Anyway, more about the two main purchases.

CAR - 2006 Honda Jazz, 1.3I Auto, electric blue - $17,500 NZD (which is about £6250). This seems to be about two-thirds the price of a similar one in the UK.

House purchase

This may seem a bit sudden, but we'd actually been looking at this house on the Internet the week before we left the UK. On a drive around Bucklands Beach, we spotted a small real estate agents and decided to call in for a chat. The owner offered to take us on a general tour of the area the next day to give us an idea of types of properties and areas, before handing us across to another agent for some serious hunting. Imagine her and our surprise when the first house she took us to was the one we'd been looking at on the internet! She took us to quite a few others that day, but none of them came near the first one with regards fitting our requirements. So we put an offer together then and there. Apparently once an offer has been made and accepted, it's a binding contract (subject to survey and land search) - so neither of us can back out now. This is quite comforting - we can't be gazumped and we think it was a reasonable price when compared to other houses in the same area. So as from November 24th (yes, that quickly - and it could have been sooner!) we have a house with an en-suite guest room for all your visits (the diary is open for bookings!) See NZ Housing (What to look out for)

I've also been tentative job hunting. I saw an agency today, and have an appointment with another one tomorrow. However, going on the 'everything is two-thirds the price of the UK', so is the salary scale. Plus it doesn't include benefits like pension, medical insurance, car and so on. So there is a down side. And I don't have that job yet so I won't count my chickens.

That's us up-to-date so far - we'll slow down a bit now, so don't expect future travelogues to be so exciting!

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