Miranda (nz) weather

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 Latitude S 37° 35' 00"    Longitude E 175° 46' 00"    Elevation 160 m

This page shows a summary of the data since midnight local time.

Today's data
Temperature and Humidity
High Temperature -2.1 °C at 00:20 
Low Temperature -2.1 °C at 00:20
Temperature Range 0.0 °C  
High Apparent Temperature -19.4 °C at 00:20 
Low Apparent Temperature -19.4 °C at 00:20
Low Wind Chill -12.6 °C at 00:20
High Heat Index -2.1 °C at 00:20
High Humidity 87 % at 00:20 
Low Humidity 87 % at 00:20
Hours of Sunshine Solar  
Rainfall Today 7977.3 mm  
Rainfall Rate Max 0.0 mm/hr at 00:20
High Hourly Rainfall 0.0 mm at 00:20
Days Since Last Dry Day 0  
Days Since It Last Rained 84  
Highest Gust 76.0 km/h at 00:20
Highest Speed (10 minute average) 76.0 km/h (F9) at 00:20
Wind Run 30.4 km  
Dominant Direction 248° WSW  
High Pressure (SL) 1013.1 hPa at 10:37
Low Pressure (SL) 1004.9 hPa at 00:20
:now::gauges::today::yesterday::this month::this year::records::trends::solar::met service::rain radar::rain forecast::pressure map:

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Wind run is a meteorological term used to categorize or determine the total distance (or amount) of the traveled wind over a period of time. The readings are collected using an anemometer (usually part of a weather station).

Wind run can help to determine the rate of evaporation of moisture over a particular area. It may also be useful in determining the height of waves that might be encountered on large bodies of water. Longer wind runs generate higher waves on open water. It can also be used to help in the placement of wind turbines.